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Building technologies for Healthcare

MedicalRecords.com is a privately held Healthcare IT company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts helping to organize the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) market.  We offer a online EMR directory to physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers looking to purchase electronic medical records software.  Free to physicians, our EMR directory is constantly updated to provide the most relevant information about the fast moving electronic medical records industry.

We founded this company in early 2010 after the passing of The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) because we realized there was an unmet need in the marketplace. There was no EMR directory online where the 750,000 people who were being tasked to adopt EMR software could find a good EMR directory.

Since many of our close friends and family are physicians and our deep experience in the IT field, we were constantly being asked what they should do about the impending EMR legislation and available electronic medical record incentives. As we started to research the EMR space, we realized there were few places online where physicians could find unbiased information on electronic medical records.

We want to help small private practice medical professionals by offering our EMR directory and knowledge about the EMR vendors with the goal to connect physicians to the best electronic medical records companies for their specific practice.  We focus on ambulatory and outpatient practices as that is how most medicine in US is delivered.  We understand the time and economic constraints of running a small practice in today’s difficult market and built our company around making physicians lives easier.

In addition to the proprietary top EMR vendors database, we also offer patient resources for consumers looking for information about the EMR industry.  We have a variety of content about EMR security, privacy and how to take control of their own patient health information. We also provide students and other prospective job seekers resources to find career opportunities in the Healthcare IT industry, a rare bright spot in our economy.

Unlike many other sites, MedicalRecords.com is unbiased.  Our business model was built to be revenue-neutral on any EMR decision the physician might choose.  The company is paid by the EMR vendors by providing them potential customers of their medical records software. We do not accept direct advertising from EMR vendors, but do allow them opportunities for sponsorship elsewhere.

The MedicalRecords.com team is made up of professionals with deep experience in Interactive, Healthcare and Marketing.